Guidance for attending services at RRBC post lock down

Guidance for attending services at RRBC post lock down

We are now meeting every week for a 45 minute act of worship, starting at 10-30am.

  • Our priority is the safety of the church community since any gathering carries a risk of spreading Covid-19. 
  • There is no pressure on anyone to come and each of us must be sensitive to others. 
  • We will continue to support the fellowship through prayer, phone calls, the Rocky Road Epistle and putting services on our website.  Whether we come or stay at home we are still one fellowship in Christ. 
  • If you would like to come please take note of the following points, which we have received from the Baptist Union. 

Important Points

  1. If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come.
  2. The chairs have been rearranged, please sit with at least 2 chairs or an aisle between you and someone who is not from your household.  Please sit on the open rows which will leave a closed off row in-between rows.
  3. As you arrive please take note of any instructions given and use the hand sanitiser gel.
  4. Names and contact details will be noted as you arrive, please see Appendix 1 below. 
  5. Let Laura or one of the deacons know if you subsequently develop symptoms or test positive as noted in Appendix 1.
  6. If someone attending the service shows symptoms, then we will take action as outlined in Appendix 2
  7. If you are clinically vulnerable (those over 70 or with certain medical conditions) please consider if it is appropriate for you to attend, as you are advised to stay at home as much as possible. If you are concerned please consult your GP for advice.
  8. Similarly, if you are shielding it is recommended that you continue to follow government advice and not attend. (The BU notes that the government guidance does make clear that these decisions are for the individual, because the risk is to them and they do not present any higher risk for other attendees.)
  9. Please do not come if you are self-isolating because of possible or actual COVID-19 in your household or because you have been told to do so by NHS Test and Trace.
  10. Similarly, those who remain fearful of catching or passing on the disease, for example if they work on the frontline in the NHS, or who have a vulnerable person in their household
  11. There will be no coffee after the service
  12. Doors to the church will be left open where possible to avoid the need for people to use door handles.
  13. We will use the screen rather than books.  If you would like a Bible, please bring your own. If you do use a church one, then please leave it on your seat when you leave so we can ensure it is not touched for the next 72 hours!
  14. Please ignore any Sunday rotas for the moment.
  15. There will be a plate to put any offering in when you arrive but please take care not to touch it if possible. 

None of us know what the future will hold, and we will be ready to adapt and change our approach as things proceed.  Please continue to pray as we seek the way forward as a fellowship.

Appendix 1: Privacy statement

Rockingham Road Baptist Church Privacy Notice for collecting contact information from church attendees.

This privacy notice is an addendum to Rockingham Road Baptist Church’s main privacy statement and notices. The Charity Trustees of Rockingham Road Baptist Church (the Deacons) can be contacted by phoning 01536 412045 or 07946 624492 or emailing

We are collecting your name and contact details in order to fulfil our responsibility to provide a safe environment in which those attending Rockingham Road Baptist Church can pray and worship during this COVID-19 recovery phase. We will only use this information to contact you in the event that we believe you may have come into contact with a suspected case of COVID-19 at Rockingham Road Baptist Church and it may be necessary to share your details with NHS Test and Trace if they are requested for contact tracing and the investigation of local outbreaks. Your name and contact details will be securely stored in a locked filing cabinet. They will be retained for a period of 21 days in line with government guidance and then disposed of within the following 7 days.

Please inform Rockingham Road Baptist Church as soon as possible if you test positive for coronavirus or develop any of the following COVID-19 symptoms:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

Data Protection legislation allows us to process this information as we regard it as being in the church’s legitimate interest. The Information Commissioner’s Office has published guidance on data handling during the pandemic. Please see

Appendix 2: Emergency Action Plan

Should someone attending the church display symptoms of Coronavirus the following steps will be taken:

  1. The person will be asked to leave as soon as possible, return home and seek guidance from NHS111 as to self-isolation and testing.
  2. Anyone known to have been in close contact with the case advised to wash their hands as soon as possible
  3. Any surfaces likely to have been contaminated cleaned in line with cleaning guidance.
  4. Consider whether to bring the service to an early conclusion.

Consult Health & Safety Executive website as to whether the event should be reported.