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Baptist Assembly Morning Worship
Today's worship is being streamed from the BU Assembly. Join us as we join Baptists across the country in our worship of God.
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Get an insight into how the Coronavirus pandemic is really impacting our global neighbours, as BMS World Mission workers share snapshots of what life is like for people in Uganda, Chad and Nepal right now.
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Pentecost message: God’s kingdom in a time of Coronavirus
How can the experiences of the early Church help us as we live through this time of lockdown? In this special Pentecost talk, former BMS World Mission medical workers Steve and Ismay Green draw our attention to the radical generosity of early believers, and what we can do to share signs of the kingdom of God today. Share this encouraging message in your online service on 31 May and join with Christians across the country by praying for the world.
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Share the Light
People are asking what Christmas will be like this year. The answer is that it will be what we choose to make it. We cannot, and should not, forget the loneliness, despair, suffering and loss that so many people have endured, and just try to do ‘Christmas as normal’. That would be insensitive. Rather we should seek to come alongside those who are suffering; and to come together as a nation to celebrate the good news that darkness has not overcome the light, and never will. This Christmas, in word and deed, in love and care, hope and help; this communications campaign asks that we all seek to ‘Share the Light’. Song - The Call (Love Song For A City), Martin Smith Want to find out more about this campaign? Visit
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